Paraiba Tourmaline – The Most Exquisite Green Engagement Rings

When the subject of green engagement rings comes into the discussion, Paraiba tourmaline ultimately comes into the scene. When it comes to green engagement rings, there is definitely a lot to satisfy and excite about even for the most demanding couples. Whether it is the supernatural sparkle and delicately reflective traits of an emerald or the exclusive styles of a Brazillian verdanite, couples opting for the green engagement ring are surely not going to be disappointed by their pick. Although, the regular green tinted stones may appear extremely appealing and visually stunning, but it cannot hold a candle to the most amazing of them all: the Paraiba tourmaline.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are not novel and certainly not a fad that will vanish fast. Since the first sapphire discovered in Kashmir in the year 1880, sapphires have only grown-up exceptionally in terms of popularity. Sapphires that come in the profound greenish color will definitely leave you mesmerizing stumble upon an exceptional stone. These gems are very distinct as compared to any other gem because of their better harness and internal potency which adds to its soaring demand. Sapphire studded rings have lately made a comeback and brought the reputation back to blue gems in whole. With a collection of oval, heart, pear, and cushion shapes the diamond studded sapphire rings will certainly go together with your graceful hands.

Like all the valuable gemstones, the worth of a pink sapphire bank on the size, color, and transparency. It also depends on the place where the pink sapphire is acquired from. Those that are extracted from Kashmir measured to be the most precious followed by the ones from Sri Lanka and Burma.


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