Yellow Sapphires


Filled with the warm color of liquid gold, the Yellow Sapphire is a variety that will not fail to brighten your day. Worn across the world for astrological purposes, these honey colored, sparkling gems have the tendency to demand increasingly high values.


Formerly known as the Oriental Topaz, Yellow Sapphires come in a range of colors from the paler, softer golden yellows we see as the sun reflects across the blue sky, to the deeper amber tones that highlight the sky just before the sunsets. There’s always a color to suit your need and match your lifestyle.


Used in jewelry from the early eras, these strong and sturdy gems are till today mined in countries like Srilanka, Thailand, Myanmar, India and even Australia. At we source all our Yellow Sapphires from miners across the world, giving us access to good quality, natural gems in a market that’s flooded with synthetic replacements. Insisting on a well reputable certificate when purchasing a gemstone proves to hold value long after the gemstone belongs to you.


When buying a Yellow Sapphire, here a few points to keep in mind:

  • Eye Clean : Always try to pick an eye clean gemstone, because with the light body color of the gemstone, internal characteristics tend to show more visibly.
  • Deeper Pavilions : A gemstone with a relatively deep pavilion tends to have a more lively appearance and does not allow all the light to leak through the gemstone.
  • Natural, Untreated Gems : Always look to invest in a natural gemstone that have no filling because fillers tend to lower the durability of the gem.


Find yourself a Yellow Sapphire with help from the team today.


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