Natural Alexandrite


A gemstone that can change color from reddish purple to a vibrant bluish green is the unique Alexandrite. A gemstone that is becoming a favorite amongst couples, these gems are versatile and pair well in different occasions.

Natural alexandrite is a very rare gemstone that is occasionally mined in select places across the globe. Discovered only 200 years ago in the Ural mountain ranges in Russia, these colorful beauties have since been a favorite with royals and people looking for a gemstone with a fun twist.

Often synthesized to meet the current demand, it is important to know where you buy your gems from. At JupiterGem, with over 20 years of experience in the gemstone industry and contacts from mines across the world, we have a selection of natural alexandrite’s from regions such as Russia, Tanzania and even Brazil.

A gemstone that comes filled with a vivid color, we offer clients a selection of hand-picked gems that will fit your every wish. From bright, sparkly gems that come with the magnificent color change to deep colors that still allow light to pass through adding value with the gem glistens, at, we have it all. Each natural gemstone that we sell comes with a certificate that allows you to see for yourself, the quality and sometimes even the origins of the gems.

Pick out your natural alexandrite in sizes over the usual 1 carat from our online selection and even get yourself a discount at checkout, if you signup with Jupitergem.




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