Dazzle your Life with Yellow Sapphire Stone from JupiterGem


A gemstone that makes the sun come alive, the yellow sapphire is another variety of the corundum species sharing its durability and luster. Naturally colored by iron and influenced by color centers, the body color of a yellow sapphire stone can be altered by radiation.

What’s beautiful about the yellow sapphire is its internal glow. A gem that once cut becomes the best version of a golden yellow, these honey-colored yellow sapphire stones are unique in every way.

Our collection at JupiterGem.com has a selection of shapes and colors for you to pick from. Ovals with a soothing shape that sparkle under the sun and even some pleasing cushions, these gemstones will undoubtedly be right for an engagement ring to make a big commitment.

Used in earrings and more so rings, these durable gems have a hardness of 9 and can take a lot of wear and tear. Re-polished perhaps once or twice in their lifetime, their sparkle can be improved drastically.

For a yellow sapphire stone that’s perhaps one of the most sublime, you should be looking for some of these key elements.


  • Good clarity without any eye visible feathers, cracks and crystal inclusions.
  • Pleasing cut, that brings out the best in the gemstone
  • No dark portions as light might be lost from those sections
  • Even color tone, to boost the beauty of the gem


Pick a gem that meets these points and you will have a yellow sapphire stone set to dazzle for life.


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