A Little Blue to Calm your Senses

Natural Blue Sapphire 0.81 caratsEngagements these days are becoming more colorful, not only with the ceremonies that follow but also with gemstone engagement rings being presented to one another. A gemstone engagement ring symbolizes the liveliness in the relationship, reflecting the nature of its vibrant wearer. Couples are moving towards a more fashionable and stylish approach rather than the customary diamond studded ring, as each gem governed by a different color has different energies and qualities. JupiterGem.com has a selection of rings studded with a wide selection of colored gemstones from Blue sapphire rings to emerald engagement rings, each handpicked and set to maximize the beauty of the gemstone. With younger couples committing themselves to each other, Blue Sapphire Rings have found their way to the top. The soft hues of the gemstone that can come in vivid pinks and soft blush like that of a lotus flower have attracted women towards its delicate charm. With excellent brilliance and unmatched durability, second to that of a diamond, pink sapphires are becoming the perfect option for a gemstone engagement ring. Worn on a daily basis and exposed to a lot of wear and tear, Blue sapphire rings seem to be a perfect choice. Paired beautifully with a gemstone engagement ring is a precious stone necklace. Balancing the beauty of the wearer a gemstone studded pendant with Spinels, Alexandrites, Emeralds, Tsavorites and even Sapphires or Rubies offer a subtle beauty to the lady wearing the piece. Our collection of precious stone necklaces handmade in different metals from gold to platinum will lure you towards its beautiful designs some inspired from the Victorian ages.


Tips to Pick the Perfect Unique Engagement Ring for Your Loved One

Take some time and think about what you wish for in a unique engagement ring and more importantly what your bride will want. Consider talking to one of her friends and get some ideas from that person on what it is that she looks for in engagement rings. Make a list of ideas and then take help from the Internet in order to shop based on your notes. Be sure to really look around and don’t pay money until you recognize that you’ve found the ring that you were seeking for. Here are some of the tips that you need to ponder over:

Color Matters – One of the very first things that strike the mind when you’re considering a unique engagement ring is color.If you are aware of your girlfriend’s favorite color that she holds dear to her heart, you can check out more options within your means.

Engrave – It is always great to opt for a ring that has some kind of engraving. What you put on the ring is totally up to you but an engraving can be a unique aspect in a wedding engagement ring.

Custom Made – One unique ring that you certainly ought to consider is a custom made ring. This shows a lot of love and effort on your part and a custom ring is going to be a treasured possession for your bride.

Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire engagement rings are not novel and definitely they are not a fad that will disappear quickly. Ever since the engagement and wedding of duchess Kate and Prince William, this particular type of engagement ring is gaining appreciation amongst thousands of soon-to-be-wedded lovers all around the world.However, blue sapphires are widely regarded as the most exceptional of all and its striking blue color is what that determines its actual worth. The blue sapphire engagement rings come in a range of shades from a light blue to dark blue, sky blue and more, all depending on your personal preference.

Find the Beautiful Designs in Tourmaline Rings

This is the fact that engagement rings have been used as a symbol of love and commitment. Many lovers have used fancy engagement rings to woo their beloved ones. And after getting into any formal relationship, what is most expected by the ladylove is a shining and unique engagement ring. These days the market is flooded with several types of engagement rings. They are made of different types of stones and with different styles and sizes. Not only this, nowadays, engagement rings are flooded in the market in various gemstone patterns. There was a time when diamond rings were considered the center of attraction for everyone, but now people are going for various gemstone rings like blue sapphire engagement rings. Besides, these gemstones come in many different colors and styles. There are many benefits of buying these gemstone rings. These gemstones are very low in price as compared to the diamonds and even platinum. Moreover, you can also avail one more benefit of gemstone rings which is to buy the gemstone that matches your date of birth. Apart from this, if you have decided to gift your partner a gemstone ring then you should be well aware of his/her choice.  In the market, you will find various gemstone rings. Some of them are mentioned below:


This tourmaline ring comes in almost all colors. They go by a variety of names, and since there is such an assortment it is easy to confuse them with other gemstones like watermelon tourmaline, which is green on outside and red on the inside. Therefore, tourmaline establishes all over the globe. The major countries where you will find tourmaline ring easily are Brazil, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Tourmaline is also referred as “the rainbow gemstone” because in this ring variety of colors is accessible.

Sapphire Gemstone

When it comes to choosing designer gemstone rings, the first choice of every lover is pink sapphire rings. They sparkle, glow and shine and are pleasing to the eye. Basically, pink portrays feminism and this sapphire ring can be a perfect gift for the girls. Besides, there are many jewelry stores and online merchants who have an amazing collection of pink sapphire rings. They specialize in offering their customers with the finest quality natural sapphires.

Discover the Fancy Color of Pink Sapphire


Engagement is an auspicious occasion that comes once in a lifetime of those who have strong faith in marriage system. On the day of engagement, the groom presents a precious and valuable gift to his bride and that gift is an engagement ring. The true meaning and symbol of the ring gets its origins  fromthe 20th century, when men gave their fiancées a ring that symbolized their love and intention for marriage. This engagement ring was placed on the fourth finger of the left hand;this is because people believed that the vein of the fourth finger is directly connected to the heart. Furthermore, various engagement rings are accessible in the market like blue sapphire engagement rings as it gives fashionable, modern and the upbeat look. Not only, this, there are more designer engagement ringsavailable on the market. The market of designer engagement rings is vast, and it provides unique yet amazing design and styles. However, these designer rings can give you and your bride a reason to smile. It also comes in designs that are different and changing with the times.Sometimes some couples prefer the classic band that made of precious materials like gold, platinum, or silver.


Not all people know that platinum is rarer than gold and silver. Found in select minesacross the world, this precious metal is both rare and difficult to excavate. This rarity makes platinum jewelry and items are very pricy. While platinum rings are much higher in price, these items hold on to their value and even appreciate over time. Therefore, the demand for platinum rings hasgrown in popularity in recent times. The timeless beauty of this metal has made it a great choice for wedding and engagement rings. It symbolizes a relationship that will last through all the tough times.

Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings come in various colors like blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, etc. However, pink sapphire is the best option for you because it sparkles, glows, and shines and is very pleasing to the eye.

Hence, buying from the reputed jewelers who deal with the miners gives you the option to choose from a greater range of stones with the addition of a competitive price, as they tend to have direct access. Your sapphire would ideally move from mine to cutter to manufacturer and then directly to you.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Make the Cut


Sapphire engagement rings have become one of the top choices for couples looking to get engaged to be married. Although sapphires are available at relatively cost-effective prices in comparison to diamonds, its economical advantage often belies the wide appeal it has gained from people across the globe. Rather, it is the vibrant color and exceptional durability which persuades jewelry lovers to go for it.

Sapphire Engagement Rings Help the Cause

Some of the most celebrated brides across the world have donned blue sapphire engagement rings on their fingers. Sapphire makes a top-rated choice of engagement rings. Generally, sapphires are available in a wide array of colors. However, it is the blue color which has gained all the attention in the world. Similar to rubies, Sapphires are a form of the mineral, known as corundum. It is only the color which sets one variety of sapphire from the other.

The Most Sought-after Choice of Engagement Ring

The sapphire is a perfect example of truth, blessings, wisdom, and purity. It is, therefore, the right choice of ring for the couples, who are looking forward to tying the matrimonial knot. It is a universally-accepted fact that a relationship is based on loyalty and sincerity. As a result, proposing your girl with a sapphire engagement ring is the first base to cover on your way to a long-standing relationship.

There exist a number of online vendors offering sapphire engagement rings. It is always advisable to pore over reviews and testimonials available on the website before proceeding ahead with making a purchase of these rings.