A Rosy Pink Sapphire Ring – Prefect Means to Exhibit Your Love

Pink sapphires with its soft rosy glow are the gems to relate to youth and beauty. Colored between a range of light pinks to vivid fuchsia pinks, these blossoming sapphires have unmatched brilliance.

A trending choice for an engagement ring, natural pink sapphires have a hardness level of 9, second only to a diamond. A durable choice with good luster, a pink sapphire ring will always display a warm blooming look that radiates of love. A gem that is often cut as an oval, cushion, pear and marquise, the pink sapphire is largely heated to bring out the best color in the gem. A well-cut pink sapphire will have a good depth of color, brightness and boast an appealing shape. In gemstone healing, pink gemstones like the pink sapphire and rose quartz are used to radiate joy and assist the functioning of the circulatory system.

If you’re selecting a pink sapphire for an engagement ring is always advisable to check for the following:

  • A nice symmetrical shape
  • Gemstones must have an even pink body color engulfing the entire stone
  • Although most natural pink sapphires show some internal features, a gemstone with no eye visible characteristics will fetch higher values

A pink sapphire ring could be your cherished piece of gemstone-studded jewelry that holds you and your loved one together with its delicate yet intense pink hues.


Find the Beautiful Designs in Tourmaline Rings

This is the fact that engagement rings have been used as a symbol of love and commitment. Many lovers have used fancy engagement rings to woo their beloved ones. And after getting into any formal relationship, what is most expected by the ladylove is a shining and unique engagement ring. These days the market is flooded with several types of engagement rings. They are made of different types of stones and with different styles and sizes. Not only this, nowadays, engagement rings are flooded in the market in various gemstone patterns. There was a time when diamond rings were considered the center of attraction for everyone, but now people are going for various gemstone rings like blue sapphire engagement rings. Besides, these gemstones come in many different colors and styles. There are many benefits of buying these gemstone rings. These gemstones are very low in price as compared to the diamonds and even platinum. Moreover, you can also avail one more benefit of gemstone rings which is to buy the gemstone that matches your date of birth. Apart from this, if you have decided to gift your partner a gemstone ring then you should be well aware of his/her choice.  In the market, you will find various gemstone rings. Some of them are mentioned below:


This tourmaline ring comes in almost all colors. They go by a variety of names, and since there is such an assortment it is easy to confuse them with other gemstones like watermelon tourmaline, which is green on outside and red on the inside. Therefore, tourmaline establishes all over the globe. The major countries where you will find tourmaline ring easily are Brazil, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Tourmaline is also referred as “the rainbow gemstone” because in this ring variety of colors is accessible.

Sapphire Gemstone

When it comes to choosing designer gemstone rings, the first choice of every lover is pink sapphire rings. They sparkle, glow and shine and are pleasing to the eye. Basically, pink portrays feminism and this sapphire ring can be a perfect gift for the girls. Besides, there are many jewelry stores and online merchants who have an amazing collection of pink sapphire rings. They specialize in offering their customers with the finest quality natural sapphires.

Treasure the best moments by gifting a Striking Pink Sapphire Ring


Are you looking out for the perfect engagement ring to surprise her, but not sure about which one to buy?  Then going out with exclusive Sapphire rings can be a great choice. Designer and unique engagement rings with Sapphire have become immensely popular because of its unique factor. The market that offers designer engagement rings is quite vast and offers distinctive yet amazing designs and styles to make your partner feel special and wanted. You can dazzle your love with a shiny sapphire and express your true feelings. This gemstone has some kind of mystic quality that makes it all the more desirable. They are seen to be high on demand among the individuals of all age group, be it men or women. Nowadays, splendid sapphire gemstones have become the choice for a majority of people. These rings can be your perfect choice as they are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colors such as purple, blue, pink, green and a lot more that you can choose. Blue sapphire is one of the most commonly used gemstones in today’s time. It symbolizes sincerity, nobility, and faithfulness. They are quite versatile and can be used in many important pieces of jewelry.

Why to Go for Pink Sapphire Rings?

Another great choice for your beloved can be a captivating pink sapphire ring. The color pink usually depicts feminism and is a perfect gift for any occasion. Be it your wedding day or a valentine’s day or any other special occasion, gifting a pink sapphire ring will catch everyone’s eye. There are many jewelry stores and online sellers who have a marvelous collection of pink sapphire rings besides other different colors. At times, they are also commonly known as the Girly sapphires. The pink sapphire is just as precious and sometimes more expensive than a high-quality blue sapphire. Like the other gemstones, it belongs to the corundum group of minerals, which are next to diamonds in terms of hardness. Due to this quality, they do not scratch or chip easily, making pink sapphires an ideal stone, especially for the working ladies.

Spinel – A rare Gemstone

In the earlier times, Spinel and Rubies were classified under the same category, but there were certain qualities that set each of them apart. Spinels come in a variety of colors like red, blue, Yellow, black, etc. These gemstones are associated with the symbol of love and are believed to help the bearer to out their ego aside and become devoted to their beloved. Spinels usually measure 8 Moh on the scale of hardness. Its durability makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear. With faceted edges, the stone is difficult to chip and scratch with the stone maintaining its appeal. Spinel jewelry is available at a reasonable price as much people are not aware of this gemstone.

Now make your special day a more memorable by moving away from traditional diamonds and rubies to choosing a pink or blue sapphire ring and bring a smile on your beloved’s face.