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These days, people are opting for blue sapphire engagement rings as these rings are obtainable in a broad series of colors and styles. Besides, these rings are quite competitively priced in comparison to diamonds. Additionally, these rings stand apart from the crowd when it comes to superiority, value for money, and appearance. Moreover, these gemstones are offered in an overwhelming range and in that way leave the buyers spoilt for choice. In view of the aforementioned fact, it is quite challenging to distinguish between wide varieties of engagement rings, featuring sapphire.

Some of the factors to be measured while purchasing engagement rings for instance:



Dark blue is touted to be an extremely valued color of the gemstone. Furthermore, it is believed that this gemstone carries a social status and looks usual and graceful, in spite of the dress it is adorned up with. On the other hand, it varies from the penchant of one individual to other. As a result, it is vital that you stress on what suits your personality and accepted conventions or conceptions, as Sapphires are known have a strong aura.

Shape and Size


This is one more significant factor for choosing an engagement and should be appropriately emphasized on to make an informed conclusion. There survive an ample series of shapes and sizes when it comes to pink sapphire engagement rings, like oval, round, and cushion cuts. These gemstones make a befitting gift to your to-be and in that way your love and affection to them. So, go ahead and make a pick of your own gemstone


A Rosy Pink Sapphire Ring – Prefect Means to Exhibit Your Love

natural-unheated-padparadscha-sapphirePink sapphires with its soft rosy glow are the gems to relate to youth and beauty. Colored between a range of light pinks to vivid fuchsia pinks, these blossoming sapphires have unmatched brilliance.

A trending choice for an engagement ring, natural pink sapphires have a hardness level of 9, second only to a diamond. A durable choice with good luster, a pink sapphire ring will always display a warm blooming look that radiates of love. A gem that is often cut as an oval, cushion, pear and marquise, the pink sapphire is largely heated to bring out the best color in the gem. A well-cut pink sapphire will have a good depth of color, brightness and boast an appealing shape. In gemstone healing, pink gemstones like the pink sapphire and rose quartz are used to radiate joy and assist the functioning of the circulatory system.

If you’re selecting a pink sapphire for an engagement ring is always advisable to check for the following:

  • A nice symmetrical shape
  • Gemstones must have an even pink body color engulfing the entire stone
  • Although most natural pink sapphires show some internal features, a gemstone with no eye visible characteristics will fetch higher values

A pink sapphire ring could be your cherished piece of gemstone-studded jewelry that holds you and your loved one together with its delicate yet intense pink hues.

A White Sensation


White Sapphire is a gemstone that works brilliantly as an accentuating side stone or even as the central sparkler. A colourlessgem that pairs well with Morganite, Yellow Sapphires, Pdparadscha Sapphires and even Aquamarines, this exotic glittering delight will make a great choice for your engagement rings.

A stone that is often well budgeted, the White Sapphire or Leuco Sapphire is a durable choice for jewelry. Just like its close relatives, these white beauties have a hardness of 8 and can take a lot of wear and tear from daily use. Perfect for rings and even earrings, their beauty and charm lasts for years.

Often available in a wide selection of qualities and prices, at the White Sapphire price per carat ranges from $250 to $1300. From clear gems with eye clean appearances, we also have gems that have been cut to perfection reflecting a radiating a sparkle.

When looking to invest in a white sapphire to buy online always look for a gem that’s boasts an excellent cut. From well-fashioned and well-polished gems, the sparkle and beauty of a White Sapphire can surpass many other stones in the same price range. Log on to to find a stone that will match your style and suit your preferences.

White Sapphire as a Gift for your Lover

52cd25452f98810b72d7588613a0fe5eIn the current past, sapphire engagement rings have grown in popularity. It has predominantly established a gigantic demand among the individuals who are looking to get engaged. Although sapphire is available at reasonable prices in comparison to other precious gemstones like diamonds, it is not its economic advantage, which draws buyers to it. Rather, it is a pulsating color and lasting appeal, which make it a desirable option among the jewelry lovers.

Some of the well-known celebrities athwart the globe have been spotted wearing White sapphire rings on their fingers. Apart from these well-known personalities, it formulates a wonderful stone for engagement rings, accessible in an extensive range of styles and designs. Besides featuring greater hardness, its durability, high luster, and lack of cleavage, set it apart from other gemstones available on the market. As a result, you can rest assured that these rings will serve the years to come without normal wear and tear. Besides, White sapphire rings can be easily passed down for generations.

Choose from a Vast Array of Options

There exist a good number of sellers offering blue sapphire engagement rings or platinum rings. Such rings are created for prolonged use and are designed in such a way as to make you the center of attention. However, act with ample forethought when opting for an online seller, look for certification and reviews that help authenticate the seller and the online portal.

A Little Blue to Calm your Senses

Natural Blue Sapphire 0.81 caratsEngagements these days are becoming more colorful, not only with the ceremonies that follow but also with gemstone engagement rings being presented to one another. A gemstone engagement ring symbolizes the liveliness in the relationship, reflecting the nature of its vibrant wearer. Couples are moving towards a more fashionable and stylish approach rather than the customary diamond studded ring, as each gem governed by a different color has different energies and qualities. has a selection of rings studded with a wide selection of colored gemstones from Blue sapphire rings to emerald engagement rings, each handpicked and set to maximize the beauty of the gemstone. With younger couples committing themselves to each other, Blue Sapphire Rings have found their way to the top. The soft hues of the gemstone that can come in vivid pinks and soft blush like that of a lotus flower have attracted women towards its delicate charm. With excellent brilliance and unmatched durability, second to that of a diamond, pink sapphires are becoming the perfect option for a gemstone engagement ring. Worn on a daily basis and exposed to a lot of wear and tear, Blue sapphire rings seem to be a perfect choice. Paired beautifully with a gemstone engagement ring is a precious stone necklace. Balancing the beauty of the wearer a gemstone studded pendant with Spinels, Alexandrites, Emeralds, Tsavorites and even Sapphires or Rubies offer a subtle beauty to the lady wearing the piece. Our collection of precious stone necklaces handmade in different metals from gold to platinum will lure you towards its beautiful designs some inspired from the Victorian ages.

Blue sapphires that can be passed on as family heirloom


Sapphires are made of aluminum oxide which occurs in a range of different colors. The gems are ideal for regular use and are highly durable. They are worn as a fashion accessory and look very stylish and attractive. Sapphire stones are transparent and clear. However, blue sapphire looks extremely different and natural when worn on special occasions. Nothing beats a stylish stone to set you apart from the rest.

JupiterGem offers high quality and authentic stones for you to choose from. They handpick all the gems from the best mines in the world and offer you the finest quality stones that can be passed on as a family heirloom.

You can blue sapphire buy online in the form of stones as well as engagement rings. If worn as an engagement ring, it will look extremely classy and stylish. The cost of the stone varies on the size and type of jewelry it is purchased with. If you purchase the engagement ring, the cost of gold in the ring will also be included. A separate stone might cost you lower than a blue sapphire engagement ring. The stone is available in different shapes including emerald, oval, round, cushion, pear, heart, princess, octagonal and square. If you have set your heart on a blue sapphire, you will be spoilt for choice with regard to the shapes and designs available for the engagement rings. It could be one of the best purchases you make with your hard earned money.



Dazzle your Life with Yellow Sapphire Stone from JupiterGem


A gemstone that makes the sun come alive, the yellow sapphire is another variety of the corundum species sharing its durability and luster. Naturally colored by iron and influenced by color centers, the body color of a yellow sapphire stone can be altered by radiation.

What’s beautiful about the yellow sapphire is its internal glow. A gem that once cut becomes the best version of a golden yellow, these honey-colored yellow sapphire stones are unique in every way.

Our collection at has a selection of shapes and colors for you to pick from. Ovals with a soothing shape that sparkle under the sun and even some pleasing cushions, these gemstones will undoubtedly be right for an engagement ring to make a big commitment.

Used in earrings and more so rings, these durable gems have a hardness of 9 and can take a lot of wear and tear. Re-polished perhaps once or twice in their lifetime, their sparkle can be improved drastically.

For a yellow sapphire stone that’s perhaps one of the most sublime, you should be looking for some of these key elements.


  • Good clarity without any eye visible feathers, cracks and crystal inclusions.
  • Pleasing cut, that brings out the best in the gemstone
  • No dark portions as light might be lost from those sections
  • Even color tone, to boost the beauty of the gem


Pick a gem that meets these points and you will have a yellow sapphire stone set to dazzle for life.

The June Month For Alexandrite stones


The month of June is dedicated to the Alexandrite and the humble yet eternal Pearl. Gems have a timeless appeal and these two beauties do justice to just that. Lasting generations, an alexandrite with the best color change will always find its way to your heart.


Mined originally in the Russian Ural Mountains, these gems are often found in smaller sizes. Gems measuring 1.5 carats to around 3 carats are a common sight whereas larger gems tend to sometimes be produced synthetically. It is always advisable to buy an alexandrite online from a reputable gemstone merchant with a certificate of authenticity.


It might be difficult to pick the right Alexandrite stone at a price that suits you but at we have a selection of these color changing wonders that will only leave you spoilt for choice. From smaller alexandrite stones that have a softer color change to ones that display a distinctive red and teal blue, we have a fantastic selection.


Here are some of our favorite Alexandrite stones to buy online:



With a fair and transparent pricing system, you can be sure you get your alexandrite stone at a price with that has already been matched to current market value.

Buy the Best Alexandrite Ring for your Beloved


Many people chose to buy alexandrite stone because they are available in best color change variety of vibrant colors and are more affordable than diamonds. These rings have gained an overwhelming popularity over the recent years and are also becoming quite a trend. It has predominantly found a gigantic demand among the individuals who are about to get engaged. Although sapphire is accessible at reasonable prices in evaluation to other expensive gemstones like diamonds, it is not its inexpensive advantage, which attracts its buyers to it. Rather, it is the gems vivacious color and eternal appeal, which make it a favorite among the jewelry lovers and couples.

Alexandrite Ring -A Consummate Engagement Ring


Talking of Alexandrite Ring, it is one of the exceptional gemstones and is a highly esteemed choice for engagement rings. Alexandrite Ring comes to life when there are fine traces of chromium present within its chemical composition. The easy to wear, chic colors of the gem are what created its demand. Alexandrite Ring tends to highlight any skin tone and are a color trend that’s here to stay.

Wide Selection of Gemstones

One of the dilemmas that you may come across is that Alexandrite Rings undergo treatments before they are spun out for sale. However, with correct disclosure and certification retailers must disclose the different treatments done to the gems. There are several online sellers, providing untreated gems like Alexandrite and offer certificates from reputable laboratories for reassurance. However, one should check properly when buying jewelry items and should confer with reviews and testimonials obtainable on their websites.

Natural Alexandrite


A gemstone that can change color from reddish purple to a vibrant bluish green is the unique Alexandrite. A gemstone that is becoming a favorite amongst couples, these gems are versatile and pair well in different occasions.

Natural alexandrite is a very rare gemstone that is occasionally mined in select places across the globe. Discovered only 200 years ago in the Ural mountain ranges in Russia, these colorful beauties have since been a favorite with royals and people looking for a gemstone with a fun twist.

Often synthesized to meet the current demand, it is important to know where you buy your gems from. At JupiterGem, with over 20 years of experience in the gemstone industry and contacts from mines across the world, we have a selection of natural alexandrite’s from regions such as Russia, Tanzania and even Brazil.

A gemstone that comes filled with a vivid color, we offer clients a selection of hand-picked gems that will fit your every wish. From bright, sparkly gems that come with the magnificent color change to deep colors that still allow light to pass through adding value with the gem glistens, at, we have it all. Each natural gemstone that we sell comes with a certificate that allows you to see for yourself, the quality and sometimes even the origins of the gems.

Pick out your natural alexandrite in sizes over the usual 1 carat from our online selection and even get yourself a discount at checkout, if you signup with Jupitergem.